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An Idiot's guide to fansubbing

Hi all. I'm in the process of subbing my second video. It's been several months since I did my first one and that came out pretty well. I emphasize the 'several months' in that sentence because lo and behold, I've forgotten how to do it already XD To prevent this in the future, I decided to leave behind this guide for myself and for anyone who needs it.

There are fansubbing tutorials out there but they are not exactly Idiot proof enough, at least for me, so this will be a complete beginner's guide. It will not teach you any special effects, but you'll end up with decent looking subs ;)

Question: How do you fansub videos?

Hypothesis: If someone like kaya, with no programming background whatsoever, can do it, then so can I

A video in .avi format (if your video is in another extension, you will need to run it through a converter like all to avi)

Fire up Aegisub.
Under 'Video' click 'Open Video' and open your .avi file.
Under 'Audio' click 'Open Audio from Video'.

A tricky thing about Aegisub is the  'Open Video' option doesn't work for computers with older graphic cards. It also doesn't work when you reinstall Aegisub to a computer that once ran the software. That means if your computer crashes(like mine) you can forget about using this(unless if you have a second computer like me).

You should see something like this, except yours will not have the lines because you haven't typed them in yet.

Everybody will develop their own method eventually. In the meantime, why don't you use mine:

Hit the 'play video' button. You'll see the 'audio wavelength' scrolling along with your video. Determine where your first line should appear and remember that spot on the wavelength. You see the beginning of your wavelength is selected? Drag the red bracket to that spot. You will then drag the orange bracket to the spot where your line ends. To determine that, I would hit the 'play after red line' button. Then listen for where the line ends.

Now you should have your first line selected on the wavelength. Go to the text box and fill in your first line. Don't worry about formatting it. I will show you later how to format your lines all at once. Once you finish typing, hit enter and your line is in.

Before typing the next line, it is better to leave a gap. Move your brackets to highlight the part where your speaker is taking a breath in between sentences. You won't have to move the red bracket because it starts at where your first line ended off. You just need to move your closing bracket to before your speaker starts talking again. After highlighting, to see if you might have caught a bit of speech at the end by accident, use the 'play after orange line' button to check. Hit enter and your gap is in.

Repeat this process until all your lines are entered.

Time to format the fonts. Under 'Subtitles' click on 'Styles Manager'. Click the 'New' button. Give your font style a name. Mess with all the options until you find a satisfactory font style. These are the settings I normally use:

Font: Comic Sans (size: 20, Bold)
Primary color: Turquoise
Secondary: Pink
Outline: White

Outline: 2
Shadow: 0

Hit okay then in the Styles Manager, highlight your new font style and click the 'copy to current script' button. Close the Styles Manager. Next, under 'Subtitles' click on 'Styles Assistant'. Select the line you want in that color. Then double click on the style name in your Styles Assistant. No, shift select doesn't seem to work so do it for each line manually. 

If you want to place some words in the middle of the video rather than at the bottom, click the blue cross shaped tool on the left margin. Then move your cursor over the video and click at the center of the spot where you want your words to go.

If you go back to edit a line, make sure you hit the enter button afterward or the corrections will not be recorded.

Once everything is ready, under 'File' click 'Save Subtitles'. Name it the same as your video. It will save as a .ass file (lols at file extension). Now give Aegisub a pat on the back and close it.

From here on it gets technical, as in I have no idea what I'm doing but just following this tutorial.

Open up notepad and paste this:

LoadPlugin("c:\program files\aegisub\csri\vsfilter.dll")

Next to 'LoadPlugin', replace everything in between the quotes with the location of your VSFilter. Here's how you find it. Go to the folder where you installed Aegisub. Go into their 'csri' folder and right click on the VSFilter. Click on properties. Copy and paste the location in between the quotes. At the end of what you pasted, type in '\VSFilter-Aegisub.dll' or whatever it is named at the moment.

Replace the locations of your AVISouce and TextSub as well.

Hit 'Save' in notepad. In 'Save as type' select 'All Files'. For the file name, put in 'yourvideoname.avs' (Be sure to make the extension .avs cause it's crucial!)

Give notepad a pat on its back and close it up.

Next fire up VirtualDub. Be sure you have installed Avisynth before you open VirtualDub.
Under 'File' click 'Open video file' and select the .avs file you just made. It should load a double screen of your video.
Under 'Video' click 'Compression'. Select 'ffdshow Video Codec'. Hit 'Okay'.
Go to 'File' again and select 'Save as AVI'. Name the file as 'yourvideo_subbed' or something so you don't get mixed up. It should run for a minute or two. 

End of procedure (who wants to get up and dance at this point? XD)

Observations: Observe with your eyes as you sub your very first video~

Results: What are they for you, good sir or madam?

Conclusion: If kaya can do it, then can you? Answer below. Partial credit will be given.

And what are you waiting for? Go upload your masterpiece to youtube :3


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Apr. 15th, 2012 06:22 pm (UTC)
Thank You!!
Thanks for sharing this guide and thanks a lot for all your hard work.
Apr. 17th, 2012 01:54 pm (UTC)
Thank you very much!!! I want to try this later on, so I'm saving now for future use ♥
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